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Happy Chinese New Year of the Rabbit!!!
Prognostications, Observations and Advice, by Jeffrey Haloff LAc.

Yes, indeed, the Chinese New Year begins Feb. 3, 2011. The wild ride of the Tiger has ended, and we welcome the new ruler of the year, the Yin Metal Rabbit! We welcome the Rabbit’s non-aggressive nature, as we bid farewell to the Yang Metal Tiger energetic cycle that has often been associated with aggression and war. The rabbit year is traditionally a peaceful break from the turbulent turmoil of the Tiger, a time when we can rest, recover and cultivate peace. Rabbits tend to avoid unpleasant conflict, employing clever diplomacy and agility to prevent physical harm. Rabbits are one of the most fortunate and luckiest of the Chinese zodiacal signs, whose peaceful priorities are care of family and the enjoyment of life. May you share the peace-loving wisdom of the Rabbit during her year!

There are 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac, and there are 5 elements, creating a 60-year cycle. When someone turns 60, you have completed a full cycle, and should celebrate, as the Chinese traditionally revere and respect the wisdom of our elders. So, the last Metal Rabbit year was 60 years ago. We can certainly learn from the cyclical energetic of this Chinese system, which was put in place 4708 years ago. For instance, the Metal Snake year of 1941 brought us the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, and, 60 years later, again in the Metal Snake year, we saw the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. 60 years prior to the Metal Tiger year of 2010 was the Metal Tiger of 1950 and the start of the Korean War. And 2010 certainly saw the United States continuing down a path of war, a path that began in the Metal Snake year 2001. 2010 was the deadliest year yet in Afghanistan. So, will the peace-loving Rabbit diverge from the path of war?

A Chinese legend connects Rabbit with the moon and Moon Goddess. Any Chinese person will tell you that when looking at the moon, you see, not the Man-in-the-Moon, but a Rabbit holding the nectar of life under a Cassia tree, next to the Moon Goddess. And this year is a Yin Metal Rabbit year, Yin being receptive, just as the moon receives the light of the sun. Yin Metal may manifest, not necessarily as the Yang Metal sword of the Tiger, but as a cauldron or bronze ritual wine vessel.
“Shape bronze into a vessel
      It is the space within that makes it useful.”
                                             Tao Te Ching
Yin Metal can also be evident as a bell, indicative of the wisdom of emptiness, in addition to the creation of beautiful music. Acupuncture is indeed an example of Yin Metal, giving one a sense of peaceful balance within. Historically and traditionally, however, in the culture of China, the Metal element has been associated with war, and the Yin year can be indicative of surprise attacks, as we have seen in the case of the Snake. Although, the Rabbit has a truly peaceful nature, and I like to think that the Metal element gives the Rabbit some backbone and toughness in the diplomacy needed to create peace in our world. But the rabbit does need to be on guard, (as many animals like to eat rabbit.) So, perhaps, then we need be on guard for surprise attack, (JFK was assassinated in a Rabbit year), and we are, after all, at war with the culture from which the term “assassin” was originated. We can expect a guarded peace.

Rabbits do prioritize security for their family. The old Chinese proverb says, “A swift hare has three holes,” which means she has three potential escape routes. Her cunning provides for the survival of herself and family. And after the clever rabbit has secured the family home, she then looks toward aesthetics and beautification. So, this Rabbit year is indeed a good year for such domestic pursuits. Focus on caring for, and creating harmony within one’s family and community-at-hand, and try not to worry too much about our national or statewide “family”. The Tiger year was indeed like a roller-coaster ride, replete with contentious elections, economic upheaval, and mad intensity. The Rabbit mends fences that were blown down by the Tiger. At the tail end of the Tiger year, we see our national “family” in a state of utter dysfunction. President Obama, born in the year of the conservative Ox, tries to serve many interests that may be antithetical to the actual peace and security that we need. We hope that the energetic of the Rabbit can give us a fresh start in re-assessing our methods to achieve the goal of security.

And so, this Rabbit year, we may do well to emulate the Rabbit, who has cultivated the wisdom to avoid conflict and strive for peace. Those born under the sign of the Rabbit generally embody graciousness, kindness, good manners and agile diplomacy. Peace-loving Rabbits enjoy the finer things in life, such as expressive fashion, fine dining and the visual arts. This is a year to appreciate and support the arts, including music, as Rabbits are known for keen hearing as well as sharp eyesight. Social events are enjoyable for garrulous and clever Rabbits, who like to match wits and share laughter. And the furthering of one’s education is appropriate this year, as Rabbits generally enjoy and excel at study and intellectual pursuits.

Appearing cuddly and docile, the Rabbit actually is cunning and precise. And this is a Metal Rabbit, the hardest and most pragmatic of the Rabbits. This, though, brings up conflicts inherent in the elemental structure of this year’s astrology. Rabbit is a native of the Wood element, as the Rabbit month is during the spring equinox, (the Easter Bunny appears at this time.) The Wood element manifests as the tender green shoots emerging from the earth, and the Rabbit characterizes this energy. The hard-edged Metal element that is paired with this year’s Rabbit, is in conflict with the tender Wood. So, then, we have conflict inherent in this year’s chart, and we can expect conflicts to continue to manifest. Perhaps we will see some partisan bickering, as the peaceful Rabbit encounters the metallic structure of the military-industrial complex. And will the warm-blooded, peace-loving Rabbit diverge from the current path of war, utilizing diplomacy to create a secure world/home? This Metal Rabbit is strong, and can indeed maintain action according to principle.

Economically, we should see continuing improvement, as Rabbits are clever and lucky. Money can be made, and easily spent. Rabbits can be attracted by a lavish lifestyle, so beware of greed and get-rich-quick schemes, as success favors patience and determination. Use caution and read the fine print. Drive cautiously. Things slow down slightly after the Tiger year, moving more gently, with more emphasis on quality rather than quantity. And Rabbit does enjoy the finer quality things in life, so be careful not to over-indulge. Also, Rabbit has a reputation for lustiness, and this is a romantic year. The Rabbit year is sometimes referred to as a “Peach Blossom Year”, as tempting infatuations can last for as long as a peach blossoms. It will likely be a year of sex scandals, so beware of extra-marital relations. However, romance is in the air, and soul-mates can find each other.

Certainly, the relationship of the Metal Rabbit with one’s own zodiacal animal and element will determine accord or discord, but, in general, luck and pleasure are in the air. And, if we are aspected in an inauspicious way, we can overcome obstacles with generosity, by being charitable, for there is always someone who needs our help.

The motto of the Rabbit can be, “Let there be peace, and let it begin with me.” It is important that we cultivate peace as our foundation. In this year of the Metal (Silver or White) Rabbit, it is essential that we take time for rejuvenation, so we do not get burnt out. We need to cultivate good health as we care for our families and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Give yourself good food, ample sleep, exercise, and time in nature to recharge yourself. Rabbits love salad and carrots, which are so good for the eyes. Eat greens, which help your liver. A spiritual practice relaxes the mind and spirit. Acupuncture helps to balance your energetic systems so you can function effectively. (According to Chinese medicine, the Heart is the Empress/Emperor of organ energetic systems. When our elemental energy is balanced, our heart has a calm quality like an empty vessel in which our child-like spirit comfortably resides. The peaceful heart provides proper motivation so that our plans and actions are appropriate and we are firmly on our correct path.) Follow your heart’s path, which is the path of joy.

May you thrive this year of the Rabbit, and experience the graciousness, kindness and agility that the Rabbit exemplifies. This year, governed by the peace-loving Rabbit, comes sandwiched between the intensity of the Tiger, and the mysterious power of the Dragon of 2012! Use this time wisely and enjoy it.
Happy New Year! Gung Hai Fa Choy! (“May You Be Very Happy to Receive Lots of Money in the New Year!”) And as that most famous of Rabbits says, “What’s Up Doc?”

Jeffrey Haloff is a licensed acupuncturist who operates Humboldt Acupuncture, with his wife, Chelsea Colby. Their clinic is located in heart of Old Town, Eureka, and Fortuna. Jeffrey is available for Feng Shui, and Chinese Astrological Consultations, in addition to Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Call 707-268-8007 for an appointment, or with any questions.